November 23, 2018

The Effects of Good Parenting on Today’s Generation

The effects of good parenting rely on several key aspects that have been challenged through the years. Modern times have included several advancements that have redefined how society sees parenting today. Whether you have a baby, a teenager or even a young adult living in your home, it’s important to know what type of parenting is effective today.

How Past Parenting is now Relevant Today

In modern times, many people have advocated for a liberal form of parenting that allows kids to be whoever they want. However, a journal called Current Opinion in Pediatrics have a 2005 report that studied different styles of parenting and the influence they have on the youth, especially risky behaviors. The study gathered an abundant of parenting and risk behavior evidence.

The journal has an almost opposite stance with modern parenting. As most people have allowed a free-form style of parenting, the study, on the other hand, goes back to the traditional parenting of parent-child connectedness. Even an authoritative parenting style shows a positive effect especially in protecting teenagers today. Are you a good parent if you allow your teenager to be out all night because he or she wants to? S

Too Much Freedom is Bad for Teens

In several other studies including Current Opinion in Pediatrics have shown that little to no supervision as well as early exposure to sexual possibilities both related to liberal parenting can be detrimental to children and predisposes them to early sexual behavior and even teenage pregnancy. With lesser parental supervision, a child would form far more damaging behaviors as compared to close parent-child relationship. One way to avoid these bad behaviors is an improved parent and child communication. The effects of good parenting have shown better chances for children to grow up as well-adjusted adults.

Two-way Parent-Child Communication

Communication is a very important aspect of parenting. While studies show that authoritative parenting is very important, there’s a difference between authoritarian and authoritative. Communication plays an important role to make your child feel he or she is still in control of their lives. Without removing yourself as the parent from the equation. Talking with your children just doesn’t mean that you monopolize the conversation. It is a two-way communication or even multi-conversation when dealing with two or more children in any given situation.

This is why you invest time on your kids, to make sure that they are guided as they are growing. It is important to reiterate again; Authoritative parenting is important however authoritative is different from authoritarian. In a sense, the former should allow your kids to give feedback of their feelings. Which should allow you as a parent to respond accordingly.