January 12, 2019

The Effects of Good Parenting on Developing Children

Are you a good parent or do you feel that there’s more to improve on? As much as we want to say we’re good parents, it’s important to understand that parenting is an ever-shifting landscape that will require complex solutions. There will be times when you have to become “bad” in order to discipline your children. While capital punishment is generally frowned upon, there are better ways to discipline and guide your children. You’ll be surprised at how effective they are.

Presence versus Punishment

It’s very easy to dole out punishment. In fact, we almost react instinctively to punish our children if ever they do something bad. Harsh words are doled out which are sometimes a mark of our frustrations. Studies have shown, however, that the presence of a parent can reduce the rate of risky behaviors that children and teenagers do.

While we can’t be really there 24/7, we are blessed with technology. We can maintain a presence to our children no matter where we are. Being present is not just physical presence. It’s more about communication and how a child or teenager feels that you’re there and available to talk to. Why invest time in your kids? You’ll be reaping the benefits in the form of highly disciplined but independent children.

Parenting Style Matters

Aside from presence, parenting style also matters. An authoritative parenting style is more effective today in guiding children. The term is authoritative and not authoritarian. There’s a difference between the two.

Authoritarian parenting – A strict form of parenting wherein the parent should have absolute control of their children and bending them to their will. It’s not a good form of parenting and will most likely create extremes. Your child will either become very rebellious or very meek.

Authoritative parenting – You understand that you are an “authority figure” and you discipline by example. You still follow strict discipline but the manner you instill discipline is by displaying yourself as the role model. Authoritative parenting allows for adaptation according to the situation.

As you can see, both may sound similar, but their meanings are wholly different.

Why Authoritative Parenting?

This form of parenting allows parents to connect with children. In fact, true communication is needed for this parenting to work. You need to listen to your child while you discipline them. It considers your own weakness and gives you the opportunity to explain why and what can be done to at least reduce the weakness or mitigate it. You’ll find the effects of good parenting to be better with an Authoritative form rather than an authoritarian one.

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