October 4, 2018

Tech Gadgets That Make Holiday Decorating Easier

Making your home look festive has never been easier! Holiday decorating has been made easy thanks to the development of smart home gadgets and tools. Have you always wanted to make your home look like one of those houses that have elaborate holiday displays, but you never knew how to make those displays a reality? Here are some of the tech gadgets and smart devices that you can use to turn your home into the most festive home on the block:

Holiday Decorating

Lite-Write Laser Show

The Lite-Write Laser Show costs less than $100, but it will project beautiful holiday displays onto even the largest home. There is even an option for it to play holiday music if you want to have a musical display as well as beautiful lights. From swirling snow, to Santa’s workshop you can choose from dozens of different projection designs or even create your own custom projected design. You can use holiday lights to make your display brighter or just use the simple projected design to make a big impact. If you have always wondered how people got those massive roof-to-ground sized Christmas displays on their homes, this is how they did it. Now that you know you can do it too, take your holiday decorating to the next level. Get a Lite-Write Laser Show delivered to you today from Amazon.


A smart projector can be used to create pretty little personalized displays on your home. You can program messages to scroll or to stay put. You can also enter your own holiday messages or choose from preprogrammed messages that are festive and fun. They also can display snowmen, snowflakes, ornaments and other holiday images on a garage, a doorway, a window, or another small space around your home. When you are having a holiday party you can customize your projection to welcome guests in. It’s a festive and fun way to make your holiday décor stand out in the neighborhood.

Outdoor Smart Plug

You can totally transform your light arrangements with outdoor smart plugs. Your light displays will no longer depend on where your outdoor plugs are located. You can program the smart plug to act like a timer so that you don’t need a separate timer to make sure that your lights go on when you want them to go on and go off when you go to bed at night. You can also control them by using Siri, Alexa, or any other virtual assistant. So when you’re driving home at night you can tell Siri or Alexa to turn on the lights. This lets you enjoy your beautiful decorations as soon as you pull in.

LED Light Panels

LED light panels make festive decorating easy. They are made of long strings of lights attached to a central point. You can hang them outdoors or indoors to make your home look festive and inviting. They can also be used in the spring and summer to light up patios and backyards.

Sit Back And Relax

Now that you know about these new tech gadgets to use this holiday, sit back and relax. Grab a book, watch a movie, or read about the best gossip around on thegrapevinegossip.com, all while enjoying your beautiful holiday decorations.

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