September 12, 2018

3 Ways Tech Can Make Mornings Easier For Parents

It’s almost that time of the year again. That time when everyone has to be out of the house very early in the morning and from the minute you open your eyes until the time you get to work everything is just a moving, yelling, backpack hauling blur. For parents getting everyone up and out on time can feel like running a marathon first thing in the morning. It always does in my house.

Usually by the time I get to work I’m excited to sit down at a pile of papers on my desk because at least I get to sit down for a while, maybe use a spy app. If you’re a parent who knows the hardships of morning rush hour like I do there are some ways that I have found to make mornings run a little more smoothly and a lot faster. Here are some of the ways that you can use tech to get everyone up and out in the mornings:

Let Alexa Be The Bad Guy

How many times do you have to yell to your kids to get up in the morning before they actually get up? In my house, I usually end up waking each kid up several times. But you can skip that and let Alexa wake them up if you put an Amazon Echo Dot in each one of their rooms. No yelling, no stress. Set a reminder and tell Alexa to get them up when they need to get up. And you can have Alexa get them up by blaring some music they hate, or turning on the news, or using any other kind of unpleasant sound to get them up. Trust me, they will get up on the first try.

Smart Locks And Appliances

When you use smart plugs to turn all your appliances into smart appliances you won’t have the stress of worrying about whether or not you turned the stove off or the coffee pot, or if you remembered to set the alarm or lock the door. All of those things you can do from your smartphone in the car, at your office, or even dropping off the carpool at school. Never again will you have to race back to your house to see if you really did shut the coffee pot off or lock the door because you just couldn’t remember if you did or not. Peace of mind costs as little as a few smart plugs and let me tell you it is very much worth it.


Let tech be your friend

Schedule Sync

If you have an Amazon Echo at home, which you really should have, you can sync your schedule, your kids’ schedules, and your partner’s schedule all with just your voice. No more trying to figure out who is picking up the kids or when soccer practice is. And you get can rid of those stupid whiteboards forever. It’s not 1990 anymore. Scheduling with the help of Alexa will keep everyone on the same page so nothing gets missed.